Mission Statement


Jubilee Farms Ltd. endeavors to be a productive and profitable farm, feedlot,

commercial trucking and cattle buying service.

Jubilee strives to provide rewarding careers for its employees and profits for its owners,

while providing exceptional service to its customers and the community.

Our Commitments

Animal Welfare

  • Comfort and care of the cattle is a high priority.
  • Animals are assessed on arrival and individually identified.
  • Appropriate preventative programs are in place to help limit sickness and reduce mortality.
  • Cattle handling facilities are designed to be safe and efficient.
  • Individual animal information is recorded immediately and can be accessed at treatment center and main office computers.
  • Experienced pen riders inspect each pen of cattle daily.


Jubilee partners with consultants to help us stay at the leading edge of ag knowledge and practice.

Great Northern Livestock Consulting

Dr. Barry Robinson - Nutrition

Feedlot Health Management

Dr. Kee Jim - Animal Health

Growth Agronomics Inc.

Geoff Doell – Crop Consulting


Scott McKinnon – Market Information

Farm Sense Marketing

Herb Locke – Cattle Marketing Consulting


Larry Hicks - Hedge Accounts & Market Information

Environmental Responsibility

  • Jubilee is committed to the long-term sustainability of agriculture.
  • Our operating practices in each division meet or exceed the standards required by current legislation.
  • Manure Handling Strategies include working closely with our agronomist, NRCB inspectors and the Westlock County to ensure we are making the best use of this valuable resource without putting the environment or County infrastructure at risk.

Our Community

  • As members and residents of Westlock and area, we take great pride in our community.
  • Adopt-A-Highway - Every spring the entire Jubilee crew takes to the ditches to keep our highways clean.
  • We support local businesses and local venues in our community.
  • We support Ag Societies and service clubs.